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Friday, February 25, 2011

Technology.Motorization.Integration--it's the way to go!--meet one of our clients

Heston Technical

Technology marches onward. It can be tough to keep up with everything that is changing in our world today, especially when it comes to technology. One of our main goals at Heston Technical, besides great customer service, is to stay abreast of all the changes occurring in today’s electronic landscape. We look not only at what’s new, but we watch to see how new products and systems develop.

Having been in the electronics industry for over 38 years now, I can tell you that just because it’s the latest and greatest, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s practical and reliable. I have been on the bleeding edge of technology too many times over the years and believe I have gained some wisdom in the process. Unfortunately, there are no sure systems, only well tested systems. All electronics are susceptible to failure and typically if a failure is going to happen it will usually occur in the first 90 days. This is why we have a 90 day unconditional warranty. Electronics usually have a higher infant mortality rate than other products, but once established, can be very reliable.

Products like the i-pod, i-phone and most recently i-pad have dramatically changed how we interact with our electronic and audio-video environments. We routinely use our small showroom as a testing facility for new products. We currently are testing i-phone and i-pad interfaces to control lighting, HVAC, security and audio/video. More and more apps (application programs) are coming out to support a variety of interfaces.

We find that these devices (when properly programmed) are easily picked up and used by all generations. The awkward phase of electronics interfaces seems to be slowly fading into the past. This is good news to all of you that have been seriously frustrated trying to figure out just how to work the “smart” remote.

One of the other systems that is becoming critically important is the Ethernet system of the home. As most of you know, I’m a big proponent of hardwire connections, they’re fast and reliable, but I cannot turn the tide of newer and more wireless devices that continue to flood the market. Unfortunately, wireless networks are not as reliable as a hardwired connection, especially when you’re dealing with dynamic IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, next door neighbors WAPs  (Wireless Access Points) and different products accessing at different rates etc.

We can help you set up your LAN (Local Area Network) and your WAP or WAPs so that you receive as solid an interface as possible. We have network switches and WAPs in stock and can get you up to speed in no time.

We are also, accomplishing a number of upgrades and changes for our customers to bring their homes back up to speed in the world of today’s technology. Audio-video and electronic systems are just like appliances, Harvest Gold and Olive Green just don’t make the grade anymore.

Heston Technical knows today’s technology, we can help with information, product, service, installation and programming. Let us know if you need to make some changes.

All the best until next time, Scott Heston. If you would rather not receive these occasional e-mails, please reply and type “remove” in the subject line.

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