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Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembering on Memorial Day

I took some time today to remember my parents (Warren Arthur Vollbrecht & Mary Joan Macy) especially my dad who has been gone since 1993. I can still remember the joy I felt as a little girl when he came home from work. Throughout the years the different jobs he had and the times he took me to work with him. Going to the drive-in movie on Whidbey Island when we stayed for the month of August. The forts he helped build, the tools he taught me to use, the car repairs I learned from him. Driving fast in a boat out on the Sound just the 2 of us. Pancakes at the Twin Teepee's.

The letters he sent to me at camp with stick figure drawings (I still have them). Dinner and a movie on my birthday starting with my 13th. Always thinking that he knew everything about math and business. The ketchup sandwich he made for me. Rides in the little convertible with the top down. Watching him mow the lawn. The ice cream cone he fixed with scotch tape--I ate it all.. I was convinced he could fix anything! I miss him, I miss them both!!

August 1955

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