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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

  The summer sun can shine a whole new perspective on the home (like how much my windows need to be washed!), and it's not surprising that remodeling and construction really starts to heat up this time of year. At Six Walls we see ourselves as your one-stop-studio for all things that revolve around making your home an easier to maintain, inviting, and relaxing haven. Share with us your new sun drenched perspective of your home, and the challenges you face, we'd love to help.
  Like the friendly summertime table art/bronze picnic ant sculptures pictured above (available for purchase at the Six Walls design studio), our design team is prepared to work together with you, your contractor, architect and other construction related professionals to get the job done. We realize that by working together, each team member brings unique skill sets and perspective that can culminate in creating the client's ultimate desired result. In fact, if you are looking to assemble this kind of team, we are well networked with other trade pros and would be happy to provide referrals for your consideration.
  As with the multi-colored layers of the iconic summer watermelon, the trained eye of a Six Walls design pro are used to look at their client's projects in term of layers. First, design is not simply as easy as selecting the right wall color for a room. We take into account the existing elements in the space, and create a relationship between all the parts (flooring, furniture, wall decor, and lighting, just to name a few) You know you need the right cutting tool to break through the shinny green layer of the watermelon rhine to get the the juicy red core of a watermelon? Well, Six Walls is that tool. Your design tool.
  Do your hardwood floors look more like a beat up picnic table than a nicely finished piece of furniture?
    Are you tired of the stain color of your flooring? Vacation comes to mind when summer has arrived, and this makes it a great time to consider having your hardwood floors refinished. Because you have to be out of the home for several days during this process anyway, why not take a vacation while the floor refinishing team does all the hard work? This will give the stain and finish coats time to dry properly, and for the home to air out after the final coat of finish has been applied.
  From 5pm on into the warm summer evenings of the great Northwest, an inviting outdoor living space is truly a sanctuary we all long for. Consider adding custom outdoor cushions in vibrant colors to hard wood or metal seating, or install sheer drapery panels with grommets from your pergola to defuse the glare of the sun just enough to create a relaxing & comfortable outdoor dining area. Or, place one of our colorful side tables next to your favorite chaise lounge where you can enjoy a cool drink and put your feet up!
  Scheduling a celebration or special event at your home is a great motivator to start or completing that interior update you've been dreaming of embarking on. Invite your friends & family to enjoy the transformation your home has undergone with the help of a Six Walls design pro. At your event, serve up our special summer inspired recipe (below) which shows a fresh take on a classic hot weather treat.
Warm Regards,

Dawn, Design Maven
Six Walls..."Taking the Intimidation Out of Interior Design"
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

"designer decor parking lot garage sale"

Hi we are getting so excited about the upcoming decor garage sale we are having here on July 9-10th.. designers are starting to bring their items; furniture, lamps, accessories, artwork, we have drapes, fabrics, pillows...rugs and more... Dixie Stark Home is providing items and Sara Eizen from don't want to miss this event for home shopping!!

Saturday July 9th from 10-5    Sunday July 10th from 10-3
designs by mara, inc.
6710 220th St SW Mountlake Terrace 98043

10% of all proceeds go to  The Sharehouse  Help us support this great organization!!

To bring a sense of self-sufficiency and comfort to families and individuals moving from homelessness to permanent housing, and to protect our environment by distributing useful household items that would otherwise be discarded.

beautiful fireplace grill

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meet one of our clients: Anderson Construction Group.....

ACG Wins  Master Builder's
Award in 2011! 

Seattle, Wash. - The Master Builder's Association of King And Snohomish Counties honored Anderson Construction Group, Inc. with its 2011 award for  Best Residential Partial House Addition above $600,000 at the Remodeling Excellence Awards (REX) banquet held Saturday, June 18th at The Golf Club at New Castle.

The judging panel of the annual competition consists of local and national remodelers, media experts, architects, and interior designers.

The REX Awards is an annual event that recognizes the best in local remodeling projects. These prestigious awards were pursued by hundreds of worthy general contractors, but handed to only one- Anderson Construction Group.

We were very excited and honored to take away our third consecutive annual MBA award at the REX Awards this year," says D. Chad Quilici, a principal at Anderson Construction Group.  "It reaffirms what we set out to do each day- build the best project we can for each and every client." 
 This year's winning project was a certified 4-star Built Green partial house addition of an existing home in the Blue Ridge neighborhood of Seattle.

About Anderson Construction Group, Inc. 
Thanks for taking a moment to read about us and what we're up to.  If ACG can help you with your commercial or residential construction needs, please contact us to see how we may assist you with your next project.
Anderson Construction Group, Inc.
1900 Airport Way S. #102
Seattle, Washington 98134






Monday, June 13, 2011

This made me chuckle!

You are not really successful until someone claims he sat next to you in school!

Heston Technical Spring Cleaning Sale Starting June 15th!

Media Players, the Cloud & Spring Cleaning

Everything is streaming these days. Instant movies from Netflix, Amazon and others are making movie watching easier and more affordable. Media players such as Roku, Apple TV, Boxee Box, Sony, etc. are inexpensive ($120.00 +/-) and plug into your home internet network. Most come with Wi-Fi as well as hardwire. The Media Player makes it easy to upgrade your system to take advantage of video streaming

If you’ve been thinking about a Blu-Ray player or a new TV, you won’t need a Media Player, because the better models already have Media Players built in. So a $245.00 Blu-Ray player not only gets you the ability to watch High Definition and standard DVDs, but also gives you access to Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and a plethora of others. Both the Blu-Ray DVD players and TV’s offer the Media Player option with hardwire internet connections or wireless for the higher end models. Make sure you’re getting what you want when shopping. As usual, we’re happy to help guide you through the process of selecting what is right for you.

You may of heard about Steve Jobs recently announcing the i Cloud. Apple is just another company launching Cloud services. Amazon, Microsoft and others are moving in the direction of the Cloud. The Cloud represents information being stored elsewhere, not on your home computer or laptop. The idea is to provide consumers and businesses with access to their documents, pictures, music, etc. from anywhere. Not having to store all this information on your computer, iPad, notebook etc. allows the user to access the information remotely, thereby being able to utilize smaller devices like iPhones, Androids and iPads to get at all that information without having to store it.

We have been helping our customers, for years, with their networks, computers, iPads, iTouches and others to optimize performance and utilize apps that provide easy to use interfaces for controlling audio/video systems, lighting control and others. Let us know if you need any assistance with any of the systems or components which include Audio/Video, integration, security/fire, closed circuit TV, lighting control, access control, telephone, cable or satellite.

Lastly, we have collected a variety of home electronics and accessories for all the systems listed above. It is time to flush out the warehouse and tidy things up a bit. Heston Technical will be having a Garage Sale beginning 9:00 am this Wednesday June 15th and going to 2:00pm Saturday the 18th. We’ll have in wall speakers, digital surround receivers, stand alone speakers, remote controls, used video projectors, security cameras and a variety of accessories and hardware. Everyone is welcome to come and take a look. Don’t forget Father’s Day on Sunday, you just might find the ideal gift here at our warehouse.

We’re located in Totem Lake, right across the street from Tacoma Screw next to 405. Our address is: 11155 120th Ave NE Suite 300, Kirkland, WA 98033. Our phone number is: 425-822-6940. I hope to see you here. All the Best until next time, don’t forget to support small businesses in your area. Thanks, Scott

Scott Heston
Heston Technical

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ralph Lauren Maritime Outdoor

Did you know we carry the Ralph Lauren line of fabrics and wallpapers. Classic Style that never goes out of style!

Today is my second Birthday..

two years ago today June 6th 2009 I suffered an ascending aortic dissection (basically my aortic artery tore into pieces from the inside out where it attaches to my heart) and very nearly died. I truly believe that my survival is a total miracle because people don't typically survive what I went thru. Life for me today looks so different and I have continued to be grateful no-matter what trials, joys or stresses the day may bring.. every day since then has been a treasure. I am thankful that I am here to share the rest of my life with my son, Jarod and of course Junior and Buddy (my other boys).
My message to you all today is to look around and be grateful for everything you have no matter how little or how much it is. Because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I had no clue that day how close to death I was going to come, when I woke and made plans for the day, but by the grace of God I am here today to share the story.

Have a blessed day and life, Mara :o)

Support: Go Red For Women and Heart Disease

Friday, June 3, 2011

Trim, Trim Trim We have an amazing Trim Library!!

Our trim room is full of sample catalogs with thousands of choices from simple to extravagant. Classic to Modern.. a style to fit every one's needs... Maxwell, Duralee, Lee Jofa, Kravet, Fabricut, Carole's, Trend, Robert Allen and more...  

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Authentic Home Paint

It's time to get your house lookin' great! So buy some paint today to freshen up your home or office. We carry the amazing Authentic Home paint line. The colors are versatile and will make any room look awesome. We have consultants available to assist you with your color selections...

30% off retail for all Home Decor fabric orders thru June 15th

These are only a fraction of what we have available.. you could spend the day looking thru samples--we have coffee and snacks!!  Mon -Fri 9-6 Sat 9-1pm

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

LIVE Textiles

This slipcover was made from a LIVE textiles organic fabric! Check out their website at: LIVE textiles link  we also carry sample of their fabric line in the showroom.. linens, cottons, bamboo, hemp all 100% organic and made locally..

we are featuring these wonderful designs this week.. the patterns and textures make great drapes, bedding, pillows, upholstery and more!!