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Monday, June 6, 2011

Today is my second Birthday..

two years ago today June 6th 2009 I suffered an ascending aortic dissection (basically my aortic artery tore into pieces from the inside out where it attaches to my heart) and very nearly died. I truly believe that my survival is a total miracle because people don't typically survive what I went thru. Life for me today looks so different and I have continued to be grateful no-matter what trials, joys or stresses the day may bring.. every day since then has been a treasure. I am thankful that I am here to share the rest of my life with my son, Jarod and of course Junior and Buddy (my other boys).
My message to you all today is to look around and be grateful for everything you have no matter how little or how much it is. Because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I had no clue that day how close to death I was going to come, when I woke and made plans for the day, but by the grace of God I am here today to share the story.

Have a blessed day and life, Mara :o)

Support: Go Red For Women and Heart Disease

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