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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Custom Treatments verses Ready-made?

 Have you been wondering what to do with your windows?  Perhaps you’ve decorated everything else in the house, but your home still doesn’t feel quite finished.  Most of us grew up with window treatments in our homes, and when you don’t have them, sometimes you miss them without even knowing it!

But where should you start?  Should you go out to a store and buy them right off the shelf? Or should you have a professional come in and help you determine the best solutions for your windows, and get the best product as well?

Here are a couple of things to consider that might help you make your decision:

When it comes to dressing your windows, consider the current quality of the furniture and accessories in your room.  Your window treatments need to be of that same quality, or else they might actually “lessen” the feeling of the room.

Custom window treatments are typically made with a higher quality of fabric and lining then ready-made, and better yet, often include interlining.  Interlining adds more insulation but especially adds a luxurious look and feel.

There is usually much more attention paid to the details in custom treatments such as pattern matching and placement.  Plus, there are more styles and fabrics to choose from so you get the perfect fabric to complement your décor and treatments to fit your windows.

You do not need to spend a small fortune on fabric to have beautiful window treatments.  By using professional techniques and a quality lining, even a moderately priced fabric can look fabulous.


So before you dress your windows with just anything from the store, give me a call.  We just might be able to come up with something fabulous for your home – something every window will envy!! and you can't find these fabrics in "off the shelf" ready-made drapes!

I can't get enough pink tight Now! Going thru my second childhood

Great pairing of blues, soft greens and reds!


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